You Decide Where I Camp This Winter…


Territory Range: Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Northern Arizona, California

Hey Everyone! My time is up here in Crested Butte as a gardener for the town so I’m headed out on Oct 18th to start my winter camping adventures. For the first 8 weeks I’ll be truck camping across the American Southwest checking out different hot springs, hikes, and unique mountain towns to feature on this video series. Speaking of this series, here’s what you can expect from my videos and blogposts this winter…

Winter Pic.png
  1. Weekly Live Stream videos on my YouTube Channel where we can interact in real time. I’m looking forward to some snowstorms in the Big Tent so I can bring you along on the experience! It would be great to show how my stove works, etc.

  2. Detailed blogposts about each location with area activities and places of interest. The gear needed for each location will be outlined for reference as to what you need to be comfortable if you choose to visit these locations. Look at these blogposts as your “Guide to Winter Adventuring” in the American Southwest.

  3. Complete video series on the wood stove installation to my awning drop down room for lightweight hot-tent truck camping. I imagine the adjustable poles on the awning will be difficult to work with in the cold but I’ll just have to roll with the punches.

  4. Sightseeing, nature activities, camp chores, operating camp in subzero temps, etc - anything showing what I do with my time to maintain camp while living off-grid.

First Location Choices: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona

The polls are now open and I’m taking votes on where you’d like me to head for the week of Oct 18th - 25th! I’m really excited to have everyone’s input so please be sure to vote each week on your preferred location and check back regularly for results…

Oct 18th-25th: Colorado, New Mexico, & Arizona Hot Springs
Valley View Hot Springs, Colorado (commercial)
San Antonio Hot Springs, New Mexico (natural)
Verde Hot Springs, Arizona (natural)

Here’s some information on each location…

VV HS.jpg

Valley View Hot Springs - Easy drive up location with onsite camping. Located on the Orient Land Trust, VVHS is a throwback to the days of old with rustic accommodations and natural pools ranging in temps from 95F-108F. Some of the main features include:

  • a diverse ecosystem rich with wildlife, birds, bats, and plant life

  • a series of all natural body temperature soaking ponds along wilderness trails

  • geothermally and hydroelectrically heated hot tub, sauna, and village

  • pure, natural spring fed swimming pool and showers, and all-season camping and rustic accommodations.

Click HERE for more information.

San Antonio Hot Springs.jpg

San Antonio Hot Springs (please send me here!) - Either a 2 mile or 10 mile backpack depending if the Forest Service gate for the 4x4 road is closed. San Antonio Hot Springs is a series of primitive rock walled and bottomed pools along a steep hill side in enchanted northern mountains of New Mexico. This free geothermal hot springs is about a half mile hike through the Santa Fe National Forest with spectacular views. Clothing is optional. Hopefully the Forest Service gate is closed for this trail making it 11 miles roundtrip instead of 2 miles helping to keep any crowds away. Click HERE for more info.

Verde Hot Springs.JPG

Verde River Hot Springs - 18 mile gnarly drive on a rugged road and then just an easy 1 mile hike to the pools. The Verde River Hot Springs is the remains of an extensive hot-spring resort, with several pools still available for bathing. Verde Hot Spring was at one time a thriving resort complete with hotel and several baths. Today, all that remains is the foundation for the resort, one main pool, and several more in the cliffside. The main pool is located on the foundation of the resort, overlooking the Verde River. Click HERE for more info.