#23: Influencer Mia Voss talks about how she turned her passion of being a brand ambassador into a career

Mia Voss is a Luxury Travel & Lifestyle Writer, Brand Ambassador, Speaker, and Entrepreneur. Her main superpowers? Storytelling & people connecting. Mia is currently working with brands such as Lexus, Collette Travel, Toyota, BMW, Nissan, Mazda, GMC and more.

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#21: Tayson Whittaker, Founder and CEO of Outdoor Vitals

Tayson Whittaker, Founder and CEO of Outdoor Vitals, is today's guest on the podcast. We discussed how Outdoor Vitals got started 4 years ago on just $500, what it means to “Live Ultralight”, how his company is able to offer top notch gear at very affordable prices, and the all new "LoftTek Adventure Jacket" coming out in the 2nd Qtr of 2019 which will revolutionize the puffy coat industry. Visit Outdoor Vitals to learn more about this emerging player in the outdoor industry.

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#20: Talking CBD with Mike Mathews of Player Complete and Sol Hustle

Have you heard the buzz about CBD as a cure-all from anxiety, to pain, to cancer, to insomnia? So have we! Being nomads with plenty of city and country miles on our bodies (if you know what you mean), we’ve been curious about this promising product for some time. But, we’ve also been wary of the legality, the standards, and its true results. To that end, today we sat down with Mike Mathews, an industry professional and founding partner of Player Complete, Inc., to learn more about the product, the promise, and the reality.

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Brian Galyon
#18: Mental Health, Mountains, and how they relate to Men

As the title suggests, this episode is about mental health and how people like Craig and myself gravitate toward nature to heal and self-soothe. Going deeper than that, we discuss the societal barriers to mental health, the tragedy of Vets suffering from PTSD, increasing suicide rates, and I reveal parts of my own long troubled history with the mental health industry and “sanity”, for lack of a better term.

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#17: Craig’s dual battery set up and stealth-optimized truck buildout

We cover two important areas of truck camping in this episode of the podcast...

1. Onboard power utilizing a dual battery setup, a complete game changer for part-time or full-time truck camping.

2. How to build-out your truck topper for stealth camping in urban environments and backcountry boondocking giving you the ultimate flexibility for sleeping anywhere you'd like.

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#15: Technology for nomadic living, podcast recommendations, and Kansas truck camping

weBoost Cell Phone Boosters - HIGHLY recommended for part-time or full-time nomadic living.

USFS Interactive Website - explore new areas before venturing out in nature, create GEO pdf maps and share with friends

BLM Interactive Website - click on BaseMaps in the upper left hand corner to select which type of map you’d like.

Garmin inReach Explorer+ - #1 stand alone GPS handheld unit on the market

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#13: Stealth truck camping in Wrigleyville during the 2016 World Series and how to "overland" responsibly

Craig Coleman is a MASTER when it comes to stealth camping in his truck. He actually stealth camped inside his truck in Wrigleyville in 2016 when the Cubs were playing in the World Series. How awesome is that? This podcast begins addressing how to responsibly "overland", then we talk about Craig's crazy decision to experience the World Series. Check out his website at www.colemanroadjournal.com. Lots of great humor and insightful information.

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#12: Redemption from the depths of despair, it's never too late to claim control of your life

What does one do when all is lost and life seems over due to a series of bad decisions? Finding solace and comfort in nature brought about a tremendous amount of inspiration for a purposeful existence, something we could all use a little more in today's crazy world. Regardless of how “out of control” things may seem, it’s never too late to claim control of your life.

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#10: Female Solo-Adventurer and Truck Camper Marion Kanitz

We are very happy to have Marion on this episode of the podcast! I've always been impressed by her determination to go adventuring anytime she wants...and most of the time she does it solo. Empowering women to get into the backcountry is important and Marion provides her knowledge on how to stay safe, the pitfalls of working too much, and how nature can restore your soul.

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#8: Backcountry cooking methods for a nomad life, YETI vs RTIC coolers, and my love for bacon.

In this episode, we cover our different cooking methods, YETI vs RTIC cooler comparison, and touch on my love for all things bacon. It’s important to have good nutrition habits in the backcountry to power you through each day. Tune in to learn how we cook our delicious meals with different cooking devices.

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