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#32: Psychedelic Experiences While in Nature and Overland Vehicle Changes on the Horizon

In this episode of Nomad Ramblings, Craig and Brian start out discussing vehicles changes to help deal with chronic health issues brought about from years of full-time travel. Then the conversation takes a turn and dives into Brian’s limited use of psychedelics, specifically his profound experience about a decade ago while on a multi-day backpacking trip deep in the Holy Cross Wilderness Area.

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#18: Mental Health, Mountains, and how they relate to Men

As the title suggests, this episode is about mental health and how people like Craig and myself gravitate toward nature to heal and self-soothe. Going deeper than that, we discuss the societal barriers to mental health, the tragedy of Vets suffering from PTSD, increasing suicide rates, and I reveal parts of my own long troubled history with the mental health industry and “sanity”, for lack of a better term.

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#12: Redemption from the depths of despair, it's never too late to claim control of your life

What does one do when all is lost and life seems over due to a series of bad decisions? Finding solace and comfort in nature brought about a tremendous amount of inspiration for a purposeful existence, something we could all use a little more in today's crazy world. Regardless of how “out of control” things may seem, it’s never too late to claim control of your life.

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