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#41: Brian begins his Bears Ears volunteer experience

Hey Everybody, welcome to another episode of Nomad Ramblings: Conversations from the Road. Craig here. Brian and I finally caught up the other day to get this episode out. Brian started his volunteer efforts at Bears Ears National Monument and I’m still at the Off Grid Monastery here in Gunnison, Colorado, where it’s still snowmobile only in or out

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#37: Sitting down with Phil from Down2Mob Overland

Hey Everyone! I was able to connect with Phil from Down2Mob Overland over the past few days in Sedona, AZ for a little winter pickup truck camping. Phil has an incredible overloading rig - a Dodge 2500 4x4 with a custom box camper mounted on a flatbed built for full-time living. We talk about various topics including reasons for getting on the road, why you shouldn’t wait until your retirement years to enjoy life, and what motivated Phil to make the switch from a traditional lifestyle to one spent adventure traveling across the United States. Thanks for tuning in!

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#32: Psychedelic Experiences While in Nature and Overland Vehicle Changes on the Horizon

In this episode of Nomad Ramblings, Craig and Brian start out discussing vehicles changes to help deal with chronic health issues brought about from years of full-time travel. Then the conversation takes a turn and dives into Brian’s limited use of psychedelics, specifically his profound experience about a decade ago while on a multi-day backpacking trip deep in the Holy Cross Wilderness Area.

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#15: Technology for nomadic living, podcast recommendations, and Kansas truck camping

weBoost Cell Phone Boosters - HIGHLY recommended for part-time or full-time nomadic living.

USFS Interactive Website - explore new areas before venturing out in nature, create GEO pdf maps and share with friends

BLM Interactive Website - click on BaseMaps in the upper left hand corner to select which type of map you’d like.

Garmin inReach Explorer+ - #1 stand alone GPS handheld unit on the market

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#13: Stealth truck camping in Wrigleyville during the 2016 World Series and how to "overland" responsibly

Craig Coleman is a MASTER when it comes to stealth camping in his truck. He actually stealth camped inside his truck in Wrigleyville in 2016 when the Cubs were playing in the World Series. How awesome is that? This podcast begins addressing how to responsibly "overland", then we talk about Craig's crazy decision to experience the World Series. Check out his website at Lots of great humor and insightful information.

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#10: Female Solo-Adventurer and Truck Camper Marion Kanitz

We are very happy to have Marion on this episode of the podcast! I've always been impressed by her determination to go adventuring anytime she wants...and most of the time she does it solo. Empowering women to get into the backcountry is important and Marion provides her knowledge on how to stay safe, the pitfalls of working too much, and how nature can restore your soul.

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#8: Backcountry cooking methods for a nomad life, YETI vs RTIC coolers, and my love for bacon.

In this episode, we cover our different cooking methods, YETI vs RTIC cooler comparison, and touch on my love for all things bacon. It’s important to have good nutrition habits in the backcountry to power you through each day. Tune in to learn how we cook our delicious meals with different cooking devices.

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#7: Solar Power and Battery Banks For Nomad Life, plus an update with our ever-changing nomadic winter plans

In this episode, Brian and Barron talk about their specific solar power and battery bank setups for their respective power needs. We also spend about 20 minutes talking about the changes to our winter plans, the photo shoot with Merrell on Monday, and other misc stuff related to nomadic living.

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#4: Today we answer questions from the audience on camp safety, what we wish we'd known before hitting the road, and which resources we use to find KILLER campsites

In this episode, Brian and Barron answer questions submitted by listeners of this podcast. We cover how to locate KILLER dispersed campsites, camp security, and what we wish we'd have known about this lifestyle before we set out on the journey. All good stuff, thank you to Craig, Blake, and Nathan for the great questions!

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#3: Brian talks about his rig and Barron goes "redneck scuba diving"...d

This is the second of a three part series covering different vehicle camping setups for full-time travel. In this episode, Brian discusses the modifications for his 4x4 truck to be fully self-reliant in the backcountry, his plans for international travel in 2023, and Barron goes "redneck scuba diving" with some locals from town.

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