#50: VanLife Trends and Impacts and Nomad Definition


What’s up, Nomad Ramblers! Craig here with the honor of introducing a big milestone for Nomad Ramblings. Welcome to episode 50. We’re in just over a year on this extended conversation and Brian and I want to thank all our listeners for tuning over the past year. Having this venue is a big driver for growth for us. Thanks for being part of it.

Fitting for this milestone, in this episode Brian and I talk about how we define a nomad, as well as VanLife trends and impacts we see and experience. It dawned on me while editing this episode that we may come across as a bit negative in our VanLife discussion. We talk a lot about how mountain towns with surrounding public lands and their respective National Forest/BLM offices are acting to limit dispersed camping in response to increased public lands abuse. Towns are even outlawing sleeping in one’s vehicle. These trends are disappointing, but understandable. Keeping our eye toward solutions, though, we call on the responsible vast majority to step up and educate and guide any unknowing bad actors giving we nomads a bad name.

Our conversation ends pondering what it means to be a nomad. Brian sees nomads as free minds; I view nomads as artists. What do you think? Let us know.

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