#47: Craig and Brian talk summer plans, the negative effects of being "plugged in", and nomad socializing

episode 47.jpg

Too much Dr. Phil and the comforts of home gravely threaten Brian’s sanity. His mind seeks escape through the utopia of social media, but he finds only the chaos of morons with moronic opinions. 

Without the life and death excitement of snowmobiling daily in and out of the Off-Grid Monastery, Craig seeks inspiration. He needs some healthy goals. Now is not the time to indulge in the false comforts of social media.

If you relate to any of the above, it’s time to make a plan to hit the road!

After a discussion of the negativity of too much social media, Craig and Brian turn their attention to Brian’s plans for the summer. Ever the optimistic schemer, Brian shares his summer blueprint for good nomad times. First, he’s wrapping up his documentary Eyes Wide: Life on Simpler Terms - a project over three years in the making. Then, it’s on to the Outdoor Retailer Demo Conference in Denver. And lastly, he heads northwest to Idaho, to explore new territory and friendships.

This episode can be summed up in the idea of how unwritten stories and storytelling are fundamental to a nomad lifestyle.

What’s your story?

Brian Galyon