#20: Talking CBD with Mike Mathews of Player Complete and Sol Hustle


Episode 1 of our CBD series

Have you heard the buzz about CBD as a cure-all from anxiety, to pain, to cancer, to insomnia? So have we! Being nomads with plenty of city and country miles on our bodies (if you know what you mean), we’ve been curious about this promising product for some time. But, we’ve also been wary of the legality, the standards, and its true results. To that end, today we sat down with Mike Mathews, an industry professional and founding partner of Player Complete, Inc., to learn more about the product, the promise, and the reality.

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Notes and references from the conversation:

(Provided by Mike Mathews)

Research on different cannabinoids:

CBD isolate versus full spectrum CBD:

Farm Bill 2014 - the legalizing framework for nationwide CBD distribution:

CBD and recovering addicts:

Case study on addiction/recovery:

Harvard study looking at marijuana effects on female menstrual health.

(These would have CBD and THC with levels above .3%. FYI)

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