#41: Brian begins his Bears Ears volunteer experience

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Hey Everybody, welcome to another episode of Nomad Ramblings: Conversations from the Road. Craig here. Brian and I finally caught up the other day to get this episode out. Brian started his volunteer efforts at Bears Ears National Monument and I’m still at the Off Grid Monastery here in Gunnison, Colorado, where it’s still snowmobile only in or out. 

We want to extend a hearty welcome to any new listeners we’ve got and a heartfelt thank you to our veteran loyal listeners. We got word that Nomad Ramblings was named Best Podcast of 2019 by the Denver publication Westword this week (https://www.westword.com/best-of/2019/shopping-and-services/best-podcast-11283273). We’re truly blown away by the recognition. 

For our new listeners, our goal here at the podcast is to give an authentic view of our nomad lives and lifestyle. Both Brian and I have lived on the road and in the backcountry in our customized Toyota Tacomas for the better part of five years. We each come from the traditional corporate world and independently came to the same conclusion - the conventional lifestyle was unhealthy and immersion in nature was a big part of the solution. So we explore this transition, in real time, offering our perspectives on how to do it, why to do it, and how we’re changing as a result of the new lifestyle. We talk philosophy, mental health, unconventional topics - and, of course, kick ass backcountry experiences and adventure. And we give it to you raw - when it’s good, it’s good. When it’s bad, it’s bad. When we don’t know, we put it out there. Life is not all puppy dogs and roses, and neither is what we share.

In this episode we largely discuss Brian’s experience in Bears Ears National Monument, having just begun a month long volunteer effort. This is one of the many things I admire about Brian - he’s a public lands advocate who puts his back and heart into conservation. The conversation offers an intimate, timely reality about the need to explore, treasure, and protect natural, historic areas such as Bears Ears.

I encourage all of our listeners to support Brian in his volunteer efforts in whatever way they can. He’s asking for financial support, with full disclosure of how these funds are used, and you can learn more about this opportunity at https://www.coloradobackcountryadventures.com/bears-ears. And even if you can’t donate, please share his efforts to your own networks. Supporting him is a noble cause.

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