Places to camp, hike, and explore in Kansas...wait a minute, did I just say Kansas?!

Hey Everyone! Lots of people don’t realize Kansas has some pretty stellar places to camp, hike, and explore. I can just envision the collective eye rolls and moans… “did he just mention Kansas and explore in the same sentence?” Check out this interactive map for yourself to see if there are any places which may be of interest. Kansas has more to offer than you probably think…




An area I HIGHLY recommend is the Flint Hills Prairie in Eastern Kansas. There’s the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve managed by the US National Parks System, the Flint Hills Scenic Byway, and the historic towns of Manhattan, Council Grove (last stop on the Santa Fe Trail), Strong City, and Cottonwood Falls. Be sure to check out the “5 Great Places in the Flint Hills” from Midwest Living. If you like American Plains Indian and Pioneer History, the Flint Hills is your jam.

If you prefer fishing, Kansas offers up a multitude of options in almost every county. Roughly half of the State Fishing Lakes are free to camp on a first come/first serve basis. Species of fish include largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, catfish, sunfish, northern pike, black crappie, bluegill, and many more.

Enjoy the Midwest hospitality and slow pace of life with zero crowds.

Have a great time!

**I’ll be adding to this map as I get an opportunity to check out more “new to me” places so if you have any questions on what’s listed then hit me up**

Brian Galyon