2018 USFS Trail Season - Personal Volunteer Hours on Public Lands


2018 Public Land Volunteer Hours


Hey Everyone! Well, trail season is over and it’s been another successful year volunteering for the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Colorado Parks & Wildlife. Before I dive into my personal hours, I would like to take a moment to recognize some outstanding individuals who assisted me on various projects. Their volunteer efforts are greatly appreciated and I certainly enjoyed the company/camaraderie in the backcountry!

  • Leo John Accaira

  • Barron Link

  • Mark Laser

  • Brian Shirley

  • Ryan Boudreau

  • Allen Crater

  • Geoff Shirley

  • Adam Stielstra

  • Alan Robinson and the entire Friends Of Fourmile action group

  • James Heller - USFS Ranger - Leadville District

  • Ryan Dull - USFS Ranger - Salida District

    ** the respective volunteer hours from these individuals are not included in my personal log below **


2018 Central Colorado Trail Log

Below you will find my personal volunteer log from the 2018 USFS Trail Season. The calendar year for the Dept of Interior stars on Oct so the images below document my personal efforts. Although my truck was in and out the shop this summer for a total of 48 days, I still managed to get a decent amount of trail work done. These hours reflect actual time spent on trails and in meetings with various govt agencies. What it doesn’t include is any office work, social media, or website updates. I ask you to challenge your local trails advocate organizations to spend time where it’s needed - in the field. It’s important to raise awareness by posting online but that only goes so far. The real work is to be done out on Public Lands with boots on the ground. Make sure your support goes to organizations who are truly making an impact on a daily basis and not just talking about it with little action. And please, try to find common ground with groups who don’t take part in your chosen backcountry recreation interests, I think you’ll learn those individuals/groups care about conserving Public Lands for years to come just like you do. Together we can all make a difference to #keeptrailsopen for all user groups and recreation activities through responsible Leave No Trace and Tread Lightly Ethics.

Summary of 2018 Volunteer Efforts: 330.5 personal hours, 1193 pounds of trash hauled out of the backcountry, and 1426 miles logged.