December at the Off Grid Cabin in Central Colorado

This winter I am excited to be having an entirely new experience, one I dreamed of having as a child. I've been invited to stay at an off grid cabin located in Central Colorado at an elevation of 8,812ft on a historic 300 acre ranch. The cabin was built onsite with materials from the property and there are two outbuildings - an outhouse and a wood fired sauna. I thoroughly enjoy spending my evenings getting a good sweat going in the sauna, my preferred temperature is around 130F and I typically spend 30 minutes per day soaking in all the great health benefits which heat activated protein therapy provides.

Below is a lifestyle themed video showing a typical December day at the cabin. I feel so fortunate to be here and I'm having the time of my life! I think Sierra is enjoying this experience as well, she certainly enjoys running around all day long while I settle into this new way of living. I'm learning what it takes to live in an off grid setting and think this is the way I'd like to spend the rest of my life once my truck camping days are over. However, that won't be anytime soon...I've got big plans which I will announce in a few months which will keep me on the road for years to come. Enjoy the video below, the Simple Life never felt so right!