The BEST Winter Gloves/Mittens for Only $20

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Product Review: Fox River Wool Knitted Fingerless Gloves with Mitten Cover

Let’s face it, winter gear is expensive…really expensive. Every season it seems there’s always a “new technology” in each winter coat/pant/hoodie/glove/etc which all command a premium price. Strolling through the winter gear section at your local outdoor shop will bust your budget in no time. While this new gear is sure to be effective (and expensive), many forget about a tried and tested renewable textile which performs amazingly well in cold conditions…wool. 

Wool has incredible properties…

  • Retains 80% of warmth properties when wet
  • Moisture wicking
  • Fire resistant
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Extremely flexible and durable
  • Environmentally friendly renewable material

I’ve tried many different mittens and gloves for the backcountry from the most trusted brands, some of which performed very well. High tech gloves for backcountry snowboarding worked great and basic leather gloves performed well for work tasks such as operating my wood stove. The problem I kept running into was the need for just one glove that could do all the tasks at hand (pun intended) instead of having to switch hand protection to fit the chore/recreation activity. 

6 years ago I purchased my first pair of Wool Knitted Fingerless Gloves with Mitten Covers (commonly referred to as glomitts) thinking they would only be used for driving and light backcountry tasks. Man was I wrong! I literally use these mittens for every task during the winter months. I especially like cooking with them due to the ability to hand hot cookware with ease. It’s shocking how warm these will keep your hands even on the coldest of days. With a price of around $20, you can’t go wrong with a pair of no frills wool glomitts. 

Pros: Extremely durable, very warm, fire resistant, affordable

Cons: Lacking windproof and waterproof abilities


Sadly, the pair of wool mittens I purchased 6 years ago finally need to be retired. The right hand mitten is shot and there’s no amount of sewing which can patch it up. For the amount of daily use I put these mittens through, I’m literally shocked they lasted so long. Just ordered another pair and hope to get the same long life out of this bomb-proof product. If you are in the market for an all around winter mitten, look no further than wool. It’s a purchase choice I promise you’ll never regret at an extremely affordable price. 

What others are saying:

5 Stars - Andy - "These gloves are awesome. I wear these camping and also just casually as I'm driving or walking around outside. They keep your hands so toasty even when the fingers are exposed. I specifically bought these for camping to sett up my sleep system in the cold. Setup in 20 degree weather, and my hands weren't the slightest bit cold. If anything happens to them, I will definitely buy again!"

5 Stars - M. Trevino - "In a market full of over-hyped features this glove is what every outdoorsman should have. The staple basic wool glove liner is what this replaces and it does a great job with some basic design ideas that really work. I have too many gloves and most of them do not get used because at the end of the day what you really need is a solid liner glove and a good shell to protect it either waterproof or just leather. Great job Fox River!!!"

5 Stars - Kate L. - "I love these glomitts!!! I ordered them to replace a pair that I lost. They may be small at first, but they will stretch out. They are so cushy and warm!"

In the market for winter hand protection? Here are the wool mittens I recommend…

Brian Galyon