Winter Camping: Setting Up The Cabela's Big Horn III Tent w/ Wood Stove

For the past two winters I've lived full time in a 4 season tent at 9,200ft in the Colorado Rockies. It's been quite the experience and I've learned a TON about what it takes to remain comfortable in subzero temps. After researching 4 season tents for a few months, I decided to go with the Cabela's Big Horn III Outfitters Tent for my winter shelter. There are three features about this tent which influenced my decision...

1. One person can set this up, only takes me about 20 minutes for the tent and an additional 15 minutes to dial in the interior.

2. This tent weighs half as much (75lbs) as your average canvas outfitters tent. 

3. This tent is very reasonably priced.

For me, the ease of set up is crucial for winter camping. Many times I'll pitch this tent in snowy conditions so having the ability to get everything dialed in under 45 minutes is convenient. I shot this video last Fall showing the quick set up process. Couldn't be more pleased with this tent, it's stood up to 60mph winds and -27F temperatures with no issues. I highly recommend it!