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COLORADO OFF ROAD ENTERPRISE - CORE  is an action group in Central Colorado dedicated to maintaining off-road motorized, bike, and foot travel in the San Isabel - Pike National Forests and bordering BLM lands. Organizing trail stewardship projects, trash clean-up efforts, and providing education for those who are new to outdoor recreation are just a few of the ways to help make a positive impact on the backcountry. CORE is dedicated to keeping trails open for all user groups and we have formally adopted the following motorized trails in Central Colorado to maintain on behalf of the US Forest Service.

Leadville Ranger District:                                                            

Slide Lake - FS 145                                                                             

Champion Mill - FS 110                                                                        

Halfmoon Creek - FS 110-J                                                                   

Chlosey Lake - FS 381                                                                        

Lost Canyon Road - FS 398                                                                 

Salida Ranger District:

 Tincup Pass - FS 267

Hancock Pass - FS 299

Hancock Lakes - FS 295

Grizzly Lake - FS 296

Pomeroy Lakes - FS 297

New Adopted Forest Service Trails for 2018 Season - Hagerman Pass - FS 105, Chalk Mountain - FS 134, Mineral Basin - FS 344, and Hayden Pass - CR 6.

CORE is funded exclusively by Annual Club Membership and Business Sponsors. If you'd like to support our trail maintenance and trash clean ups then please go to www.KeepTrailsOpen.org for more information making a donation. By practicing responsible backcountry recreation and getting involved with conservation efforts we can stem the tide of growing environmental issues facing these ecologically sensitive areas.

Business Sponsors:

Mt Princeton Hot Springs, Peak Fitness, Colorado Backcountry Adventures, Motion Advertising, Boneshaker Cycles, Tomken Machine, House Rock Kitchen, BV River Park, and The Lively Merchant.


Stay The Trail - http://staythetrail.org

Colorado Trail Foundation - http://www.coloradotrail.org 

GARNA, Friends of Fourmile - http://garna.org