Bears Ears/Cedar Mesa National Monument

Volunteer Commitment: March 22nd - April 30th, 32 hours per week onsite

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I recently reached out to the Friends of Cedar Mesa in Bluff, Utah to see if there were any volunteer opportunities coming up. I spoke with Erica and she invited me to come out to their training on March 22nd to get started with my volunteer efforts . The training lasts three days and then I’ll immediately begin venturing into the Bears Ears National Monument conducting various conservation activities such as backpacking trail patrols, site stabilization and survey, and cattle exclusion fence building. Most of this work will take place in very remote sections of the Monument, I’m extremely excited to get to know the terrain and work with the Friends of Cedar Mesa!

I’m asking for you to be a part of this endeavor by pledging your financial support of $1 or more. Each dollar you donate has a multiplier effect of 4.4. The first $1,000 raised for basic supplies will allow me to effectively work 32 hours per week resulting in a Public Lands labor contribution valued at $4442.69. This figure is derived by the following calculation: 172 volunteer hours X $25.71 which is the Govt value placed on one hour of volunteering. In return for your generosity, I’ll be sharing all of my images with you from Bears Ears National Monument. Each week I’ll upload a new batch of images which I personally took over the previous 7 days to a downloadable folder shared with you via email. You may use the images in any way you see fit. In addition, I’ll be keeping a daily journal published regularly to my blog whenever I can get enough cell reception to create a wireless hotspot for posting. The blog will keep everyone up to date with daily conservation activities and information about the Monument.

My expenses are broken down into the categories below…

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Let’s all be part of something bigger…

APRIL 30th, 2019

Once the base budget of $1,0000 is met, all additional proceeds will go directly towards the Bears Ears Education Center which provides area information to visitors with a heavy focus on Visit with Respect Ethics. I will be hosting a live stream on April 30th, 2019 from Bears Ears National Monument to reveal how much money we raised for the Bears Ears Education Center.

The Center opened last Fall and is continually raising money to keep up with the massive increase of visitors to the Monument.

To donate, please click on the button below to visit my Patreon Page. Thank you for your support!