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Create a life you don't need to take a vacation from...

Brian Galyon has spent the last 3 years traveling, backpacking, camping, fly fishing, and exploring Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico full time with his energetic four-legged furry companion, Sierra. Making a name for himself in the world of self-reliant adventure travel, commonly known as Overlanding, Brian customized his 4x4 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck for full-time living so he could stay in the backcountry for long periods of time. From summers spent working on trails above tree line dodging lightning storms to hunkering down for winter camping in -27F temps with blinding snow, Brian has truly learned what it takes to make living outdoors year around in the Colorado Rockies a comfortable endeavor.  

The inspiration behind Brian's lifestyle is rooted in minimalism. Seeking out "The Simple Life" has provided a newfound perspective on what it means to truly live a purposeful existence with a clear conscience. Too often as humans we take on more responsibilities than we can handle, isolate ourselves to have a break from the chaos of everyday life, or self medicate in order to cope with the stresses of "The Grind." If your life and responsibilities are causing chaos to your overall physical and mental health, this is your body and mind telling you a lifestyle change is needed. Brian experienced an immense amount of stress in his previous Corporate Career and decided to make the necessary changes to pursue his passion of helping Public Lands. In doing so, his life has gone from a stressed out mess to one of fulfillment, happiness, and well-being. You can have this too, all it takes is a change in perspective and an openness to new ideas. Train your mind to free yourself from the limitations you’ve set in place and don’t listen to society’s “one size fits all” prescription for how you are supposed to live life. You’ve only got one shot at life here on Earth so do your best everyday to live life according to how you see fit. 

There’s a sticker on Brian’s truck (well, there are actually lots of stickers) that speaks to the power of positive thinking. It reads:

“If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you’d never think another negative thought again.”

Be kind to yourself, eat right, don’t drink in excess, tell the truth, focus on the good in every situation, treat others with respect, and most importantly follow your heart. Speaking from experience, doing these things will positively change your life in the most unimaginable ways!


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